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2016 Season is complete

Thanks to all who came out this year for

Richmond's Twisted, Cruel & Unusual

Scream Complex!

The Sound of Screaming!

Haunted Trail

Join the chorus of screams as the Vine-Trap family conducts you through the deep, DARK, Sound of Screaming haunted trail. Yes, the hills are alive, but how long will you be? Beware! the Vine-Traps have stocked the woods with a few of their favorite things - undead things!

Warning: The Sound of Screaming is a dark, outdoor trail through the woods on hilly, uneven terrain. It is designed to startle and disorient, and includes strobe lights and fog. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you have any physical condition that may be aggravated by being chased through the woods at night, DO NOT purchase tickets for this event.


Zombie Airsoft Experience

Zombies, zombies, everywhere. No place to run. No place to hide. Your valiant last stand in the Z-Alamo. Can you save humanity?

Z-Alamo is an Airsoft zombie target range. Children under 10 are not admitted.

Please Note: We provide all equipment. Outside Airsoft guns are not permitted on the property. Please leave them home.

Crypt Escape

Haunted Escape Room

You find yourself trapped in the burial crypt of a sleeping, bloodthirsty vampire. You only have 13 minutes until he wakes up and makes a meal out of you. Use your wits to discover the combination that will unlock the crypt and set you free!

Can you escape? Will you beat the fastest time?

Please Note: Escape room is challenging. At least one adult must be present for each session, and we do not recommend this attraction for children under 10.